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  • What should I do about my daughter?

    My daughter is 19 years old. She’s a freshman in community college, which I pay for. I pay her car insurance ($2,000/yr), car repairs (thousands of dollars over two years), and she lives here rent free. I also buy all her food and toiletries. She’s in school about 9 hours a week over three days. I don’t think she has much homework. She has a job where she works 2-3 days a week for about 10-12 hours on average for the week. She only pays for her gas and for clothes. Should I continue doing this? She always says she’s so busy but she spends more time with her boyfriend than she does at school or work and sometimes getting her to do chores around the house becomes a chore for me.
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  • Should I tell my dad about my moms drinking problem ?

    After the passing of my grandmother, my moms drinking had gotton out of control. She has depression and anxiety. She goes to a doctor every six months for her refills for something for depression and xanax. I haven't been home lately at night and didn't know that she had a problem. This past 2 weeks; she's been a mess. I find her Xanax on the floor, I have to help her to bed, get her water, and basically babysit her. I took her xanax away one night. She takes her recommended dose for the day at night (she doesn't take her xanax during the day). Drinking wise, she drinks 5 beers I think. 3 mg of xanax and 5 beers is not okay!! Last night, I had to carry my mother down the stairs (on my butt, with her sitting on top of me) because she was banging into everything. And she was just laughing like it was fun. I told my dad about the xanax being on the ground and that I think she might be taking them in her sleep and my dad told my mom that I said that. And she took it all offensively, like why would I do that. I'm scared one morning, I'm going to wake up and she's going to accidently overdose. My parents sleep in separate beds and I don't want to create conflict. My dad works early in the morning so he is sleeping when she gets like this. I'm 18 years old and in college right now. I don't want to be kicked out over this because my mom is going to be angry for "telling on her". How do I explain this to my dad?
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  • How far can parents take the 'my house, my rules' argument?

    For circumstances that affect the parents, it makes sense and I agree with it, e.g. Having people over. But, can they really apply this argument to things that have no effect on them whatsoever, e.g. How much time I spend doing a certain activity?
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  • Is it selfish to move out of state?

    Best answer: Not really your parents made their decisions about their lives........but, remember to finish high school and hopeful some college etc............than start planning for your future........start a savings, make a good budget up and stick to it, find a place you can actually afford........do lots of research.....set up RESUMES that will obtain that wonderful job and nice enough life style or traveling you hope to accomplish.......it takes excellent work ethics, priorities............best of wishes to your future plans..........this is the word PLANNING.
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  • Does this show that I'm too selfish?

    Best answer: That is the total opposite of selfish, good job! Selfish is staying at home, eating free, living free, not giving your parents their deserved peace, and making them feel like they didn't raise you right because you can't fly on your own. Explore the world, start your life, it's expected.
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  • Is it normal for 4th graders to have a lot of drama socially?

    I have a 9 year old daughter and she tells me complicated stories about friendships. There seems to be a lot of crying, fighting and making up, passing notes, and other drama. As a parent, I didn't expect this until her tween and teen years starting in 6th and 7th grades. Her older cousins and siblings didn't go through that at her age so I haven't experienced this. For myself, as a child there wasn't that much conflict at this age. Times have changed, and I've read about dealing with issues like this. They're usually about older girls with friendship problems like these though. She knows that I am always here to listen and advice is offered. I choose not to get involved but make sure that it does not escalate to bullying and harassment.
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  • Should I hate my father for lying to me?

    My dumbass dad told me that he has Asian on his side of the family. I don't believe him. This is me btw.
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  • Will the police investigate someone who is impersonating my deceased child online?

    My 12 year old girl passed away in 2015 after she killed herself due to physical and sexual abuse. A few parents contacted me and they were pretty angry about this person. I find it very disrespectful. This person is trying to be a 15 year old version of her as she would've been at that age today. They are contacting my daughter's old friends and people she knew - claiming that she somehow came back. They started harassing and using threats against individuals to don't believe them. This may just be an Internet troll who stalked my daughter's social media accounts that were not shut down and found out information from the news. Whoever this impersonator is, they claim that I don't "love her" anymore because I don't believe that it is truly her. This is a safety concern as we don't know who it is.
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  • Did I do the right thing about my daughter smoking marijuana?

    I found out my 16 year old daughter has been smoking pot so I grounded her for one month.
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  • Is what my mother does, wrong?

    Best answer: A husband and wife are LEGALLY equal partners. Money that is earned by either of them is the JOINT responsibility of BOTH PARTNERS. If your HOUSEHOLD and RETIREMENT NEEDS are being met and there is some extra money lying around...then providing some money to others is OK.

    If your financial picture is NOT GOOD...then your mother is GOOD to POINT OUT THAT MONEY GOING TO THE RELATIVES is NOT acceptable.

    Clearly you need to sit down with BOTH your mother and father and have a NON CONFRONTATIONAL discussion about the family finances.
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  • My parents want a child?

    Best answer: It's extremely unlikely that your mother will be able to conceive at her age. Focus on your own family, if I were you, and stop worrying about something that almost certainly won't happen.
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  • Would you sabotage your child's dream in order for him or her to get a normal regular job?

    Best answer: as long as they don't want to do something that is looked at as demeening such as being a hooker/porn star or something that will land them in prison like a drug dealer then no. i grew up with a strict dad who was also controlling. he hated the idea of me becoming a chef. throughout my entire college experience he gave me shet for wanting to be one and kept telling me to do something i didn't find myself wanting to do like working in the medical field as a doctor or EMT or a cop. graduate college regardless still do what i enjoy doing.

    i know what it's like to be on the receiving end so no i wouldn't do that to my children i would instead try to help them to succeed in there goals. of course if they are having a hard time and getting older i'll talk to them about getting another job to make a steady income while they work on what they love to do until they eventually make it.

    idc for a normal life style. i don't want to be like everyone else. having the same fking iphone, the same car, whatever. the only normal thing about me is i have a typical white boys name.
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  • Why is suicide due to bullying a lot more common these days?

    A few decades ago, it was rare to hear about children dying due to bullies. There were no laws against it, and not very many kids considered self-harm. There were always bullies, physical fights, and verbal threats. Bullying became one of the biggest factors to suicide. Technology plays a major role in this, but kids have been writing horrible things about people and verbally threatening others as long as I can recall. We had a notebook in the class where the kids would write cruel remarks about other kids. The schoolyard bullies physically fought others and even followed someone home once. But nobody at our middle school ever committed suicide. Why is it increasingly common?
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  • My brother is an ex-drug addict. Why was my Mom always covering up for him when he was using?

    Best answer: He's her child. I resented the way my parents covered for my brother. He didn't recover though, which I now understand was their ultimate fear. Be grateful to have a living brother.
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  • First Christmas after death of older sister. Should I force my family to celebrate it or forget it this year?

    I am a 37yo man and my older sister died unexpectedly in April. Christmas is coming up and I want the family to celebrate it like always with presents and everything. My oldest sister isn’t sure we should celebrate it at all this year. My mom told me that I need to think about how hard this is for my oldest sister like my feelings don’t matter because I’m so much younger than both sisters. I don’t know what to do. Should I respect my family and forget Christmas this year? I was looking forward to sending out my Christmas present list to my family members and to being able to buy them presents as well. Is this the wrong year to celebrate Christmas? Am I being as selfish as they are making me feel? Do I have the right to celebrate with my family like I want to? I don’t know what to do. I don’t have anyone else to celebrate Christmas with.
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  • My mom asked how her lingerie looked and I said sexy. Is this ok?

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  • My sister keeps asking me to pick HER kids up from school just because I am out of work for the moment. She is getting on my nerves. I -?

    I don't work because I recently had a breakdown and I am on sick leave to recover. My sister keeps asking me to pick her kids up because I am closer to the school than she is. I don't mind now and then, but she is asking every day. I have to put my plans on hold because I have to pick the kids up. Then she texts a few hours later and asks if I can pick the older kids up for her (they finish later). So, again, I have to put my plans on hold. Yesterday, she didn't arrive when she said she would and I had to babysit for and hour. I rang my mum to say this is getting on my nerves and she shouted at me saying, 'your sister needs help. You do nothing all day anyway. I couldn't be so cold. You shouldn't take it out on the kids.' And she put the phone down on me. What should I do because this is getting on my nerves. Oh, and I have been saving for a new car and my sister is hounding me to get one. I know when I get one she is going to ask me to drive her kids home every day of the week.
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  • Strict parents won't let me go out?

    Hi, My parents are super strict, Im not allowed to have sex until Im married (which I don't want, I feel like thats my decision) Im 16 years old, and I have never been to a party before. Here in London, the kids start going to parties when they're 13 or something, ever since then Ive been turning down every single invitation. Im not even allowed to go to the local park with my close friends because my parents say I should be focusing on my studies. I feel like they're restricting me too much and it only makes me want to rebel. Theres a halloween party coming up and I really want to go: Im tired of disappointing my friends. Please Help.
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  • How do I convince my mother to let me go on a trip with friends?

    So I m old enough to be a legal adult, and me with about 5 other friends and classmates want to go to Disneyland for a week. We ll be driving and staying at good hotels and not splitting up. The only problem is that my mother doesn t know them and just outright says no with no reason why. I want so badly to go on this trip, since it s during the break from college and I ll be saving up the money myself with my friends pooling their money all together with mine. How can I convince my mom that I want to go on this trip, and that it s nothing to worry about?
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  • My mom is really weird?

    Hi my name is Mark I'm 22 years old so here's the deal my mom love cats too much and she always treated me like one calling me cat names and making cat sounds it was ok when I was a kid but now it's getting really weird and annoying I'm a grown man not a kid anymore , Everytime I want to talk about something serious she gets playful and treats me like a kid , I'm tired of this I'm a man and I want to be treated like one , I got nothing against her she is a great mom but I really want her to stop acting like this , so what do you think I should do ?? I appreciate your help...
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