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  • Are you pretty much worthless if you have no Facebook friends?

    Everyone i know has over 1000 friends on fb and i only have 20. Am i a worthless pos loser?
    28 answers 1 day ago Facebook
  • Why do we have to pay for Microsoft?

    I bought a new laptop and I have to pay for Microsoft office. I remember when it was free why doesn’t this come with the laptop. I already pay an arm and leg for it.
    23 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Program to display 1 2 6 3 7 10 4 8 11 13 5 9 12 14 15?

    12 answers 2 days ago Programming & Design
  • What are some good, free VPN programs to use?

    Best answer: Hotspot Shield is a great free VPN program offering multiple free high speed servers in the US. They also do not have a limit on upload and download.

    I have used them in the past, don't expect to play games on the free servers, but for the most part you can. You'll get some lag and maybe a disconnect every now and then. It really all depends how many people are using that specific server.
    9 answers 1 day ago Computer Networking
  • Best brand for a computer?

    Hi,i want to buy a very good computer but I don’t know what brand I should buy it from please help.
    12 answers 10 hours ago Desktops
  • In all honesty, should Donald Trump's Twitter account be suspended or deleted?

    12 answers 17 hours ago Other - Internet
  • How do i unlearn English?

    I want to wipe the slate clean. Any ideas?
    14 answers 3 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • If I buy a computer monitor, does the keyboard have to be the same brand to work?

    57 answers 5 days ago Monitors
  • Is there any other way to turn on a computer other than the one button they provide?

    It has been the very best computer ever, even though it is 7 years old now it stuiull is better than a brand new Dell, but the Gateway from the first day brand new, had a button to turn it on that was obviously a problem, and had to be sometimes held down and wiggled a little. But now I cannot get the computer to turn on at all, and this ministry just does not have the money to spend on paying someone to do something that I might be able to do myself, IF I had an idea of what to do. Please if someone has an idea please let me know, thank you
    11 answers 21 hours ago Desktops
  • Which causes more cancer? Cigarettes? Or government approved vaccinations??

    Best answer: Cigarettes by a very large margin
    14 answers 2 days ago YouTube
  • Is there any option on a samsung 4" tablet where the screen doesn t lock at all? It only sais maximum 30 mins...?

    Best answer: You can enable developer options, in "about device", I think it's the kernel version or Android version you tap 5 times, then you can set so the screen stays on as long as it's plugged in.
    3 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • How can I put Windows 10 and XP on the same computer on two separate hard drives?

    10 answers 2 days ago Desktops
  • What is wrong with my computer?

    Best answer: It sounds like there are several things that are contributing to your symptoms:

    1) Your graphics driver is unstable. If it crashes, the screen will go black until Windows restarts the driver.

    2) Roblox is probably clashing with the graphics driver in such away that the driver is not recovering after one of its crashes. Are you sure that the computer has actually crashed completely, or is it limping along with no video output?

    3) It takes longer to start up after forcing it down by the power button. This suggests that you are running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, and that a feature called 'fast start-up' is enabled. Fast start-up works by hibernating parts of the system during shutdown so that these parts can be fast loaded when you next start the computer. When you force the computer to shutdown by holding the power button until it stops, then the hibernation image is not created, and the computer has to reload all the components of Windows from the various folders in C: where they are stored. The computer might also need to do some repairs of the file system before it can run properly.

    I suggest you try and find a new graphics driver, perhaps from the graphics chip/card manufacturer or from the computer manufacturer, and see if this fixes the first two issues. If this is a computer that was upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 to 10, then it may be running a graphics driver that is not optimised for Windows 10. When I upgraded a laptop from 8.1 to 10, it black screened and would not recover. Fortunately it was a new PC, so I used the recovery partition to go back to 8.1, then I updated the graphics driver. After that the upgrade to 10 worked properly.

    The third issue (slower start-up) is normal after an improper shutdown. Personally, I have turned off the fast start-up feature on my PCs, but since I have moved C: from an HDDs to an SSDs on all my systems, fast start-up makes very little difference and my main PC takes around 15 seconds from hitting the power button to being able to start running programs.

    I hope this helps.
    16 answers 3 days ago Security
  • Would 32gigs of ram be overkill? If my motherboard can support it?

    Best answer: yes but go ahaead anyway.
    9 answers 1 day ago Desktops
  • Bought a geforce gtx 1070, worked fine after I installed it, now computer acts weird, whenever i load things my mouse lags?

    7 answers 3 days ago Add-ons
  • How to delete porn files from my computer, the simple way, no cost, etc.?

    19 answers 4 days ago Other - Computers
  • I want to graduate as a graphic designer but some family members say the market is too flooded, I wont get a good job is this true?

    Best answer: Don't let them stop you from doing what you want to do! There will always be a need for graphic design.
    19 answers 5 days ago Programming & Design
  • Will YouTube ever cost money?

    Best answer: For the core YouTube service no, advert are there and pay millions a day to advertise on YouTube. HOWEVER YouTube does have a service called "YouTube Red" where all adverts are disabled and you can download and watch videos locally, this is a monthly service :)
    12 answers 3 days ago YouTube
  • How to remove all the sexual ads I get in websites?

    Best answer: A few different things you could try:

    1. Clear your history, cache, and cookies within your Web Browser.

    2. If you're doing searches on Google while logged into your Google account. Go to history.google.com and clear your search history and activity.

    3. Download a browser plugin called "Canvas Defender". With that, you can change your canvas fingerprint. Some websites/advertising platforms grab this unique canvas fingerprint (basically just a code from your Web Browser) to share and track information about you and your preferences/likes.

    4. I'm guessing that your IP address is most likely not the issue.. that would be messed up because everyone in the house would be sharing the same ads. But if you really want to change the IP address, verify your current IP by going to whatismyip.com, and then try unplugging your modem and plugging it back in, and it should give you a new IP address. However, if you don't, then that means your ISP is giving you a static IP address. You could just give them a call though, and they'll change it for you.

    P.S. - I seen some others mention using adblocker. Although it's great to have (I have have it myself), I can tell you that it does not work for surveys.
    10 answers 2 days ago Security
  • Cooling fan stopped working on laptop?

    My HP pavilion laptop shut down without my knowledge, and when I went to restart it showed a message saying the cooling fan wasn’t working correctly. I’ve had concerns about the fan before and took it to be serviced but whatever was done then didn’t seem to do anything, but that was months ago. Would it be risky to turn the computer on to try and back it up? I have a back up but it’s not quite up to date and I’m worried about losing newer work.
    10 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks